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Poster: He Live's Date: Feb 28, 2008 8:12pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: BIGGEST LOSER? tito or rich?.... TITO WINS BY A HAIR

you're too stressed dude.... i don't like talking to you. IN FACT, i like talking to RICHY RICH a whole lot more. i think richy is a sad punk -- he's annoying.... but you -- your one of those DON'T GIVE A FUCK and PROUD OF IT types. yeah, "types".........

you were almost kind of funny.... but then you weren't. maybe my putrid diatribe should've been "biggest asshole".... but i kind of felt like throwing "Loser" out there....

you have a perspective that i have encountered many times. it's not that interesting. and you are not at all unique. there are lots of people like you. you're an aggressive little midget.... you get all wound up about some really meaningless opinions that you hold and like to pound your chest and show your teeth.

but you don't offer anything other than that. why don't you say something from the heart that isn't a negative pile of shit. i know it's hard for you... as far as throwing around profanity, even FUN STUFF like "douchebag", again, it's not that interesting -- you throw it out there and it just kind gives you away as the low brow trash talking bully you obviously want to be so bad.

don't you have some bitch you could go beat on? or maybe you should eat something other than mcdonalds and not stay up so late playing video games, drinking beer and downloading porn..... ? get some sleep, get some fresh air and try not ALWAYS acting like a cunt.

truth is man, why don't we just leave it at this: we don't like each other. i think you're a piece and i'm sure you feel the same. i don't plan on wasting anymore time reading or responding to whatever little turds you feel compelled to leave around here.